Supplies you will need:

  • clean ½ gallon glass jar for the first couple brews, then switch over to 1 gallon glass   jar

  • clean bottles with lids for completed kombucha

  • tea of your choice (approximately 4 tea bags for ½ gallon and 8 tea bags for the 1 gallon) I suggest using organic black tea

  • sugar of your choice (1/2 cup sugar for ½ gallon and 1 cup for the 1 gallon) I use organic white sugar

  • clean cloth or coffee filter & rubber-band or jar band

  • filtered water

  • OLY-CULTURE kombucha starter kit (LIVE SCOBY)

Instructions for First Fermentation Process:

  1. To make a ½ gallon of kombucha, boil 4 cups of water, add tea, sugar and steep. Dissolve the sugar in the tea and let cool to room temperature.

  2. Strain out any loose tea. Place the cooled sweet tea into the sanitized jar and add the scoby including all the liquid (starter tea) from the bag. Add 4 more cups of water

  3. Cover with clean cloth, butter muslin or a coffee filter and secure with a rubber-band or jar band.

  4. Place in cupboard or any area away from direct sunlight for 7-30 days. Taste at 7 days. If the tea tastes too sweet for your preference, leave it for a few more days, until it is to your liking. A longer fermentation will result in a stronger vinegar taste.

  5. Place kombucha in bottles with tight fitting lids, reserving the scoby and 1 cup of starter tea to start your next batch. The completed bottles of kombucha can be refrigerated and enjoyed. However, if you would like more carbonation and flavor, conduct a 2nd fermentation, following the instructions below.

Instructions for Second Fermentation Process:

  1. For additional flavor, add 1 oz. of fresh or frozen fruit to bottle, fill with kombucha from the 1st fermentation and seal with TIGHT  fitting lids. If you do not want more flavor and want more carbonation added to your tea, do not add flavor and follow step two.

  2. Place the tightly bottled kombucha (with or without flavoring) back into the cupboard, leaving it for an additional 3 days, then refrigerate.

Subsequent batches of Kombucha:

For your next batch place the kombucha mother and the 1 cup of liquid (starter tea) you reserved from the 1st fermentation process in a jar. Follow steps 1-5 of the instructions above for the 1st fermentation process.