OLY-CULTURES Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico

By Julie Kamin

OLY-CULTURES Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico: Let the fermenting begin with Julie Kamin!


Korean yuja cha: In place of the traditional yuja fruit I will be using lemon and lime in addition to adding tumeric, ginger in honey. 

** Korean yuja cha (Yuza tea) is a traditional Korean tea made with citrus and honey. Yuja tea's main ingredient is the yuja fruit, a citrus fruit that ranges from yellowish green in color, similar to a lemon, to a bright orange; the ripest, best fruit will be orange in color. The taste is somewhat like that of tart grapefruit, although you should be able to detect traces of the fruit's mandarin orange ancestry, as well. Korean Yuja Cha is very easy to make at home if you can find fresh citron or yuzu. If you cannot find fresh yuja, you can use yuja chung (citron tea marmalade), found at many Asian groceries and almost all Korean markets.

Yuza tea is recently enjoying a resurgence as Koreans, and others, seek a healthier lifestyle. Because vitamin C may help to fight colds and flu, this tea is quite popular in the winter months. In fact, Korean yuja chai is marketed as a cold and flu remedy. However, there are many good reasons to drink it beyond its help in warding off winter illnesses, since it's quite tasty and thirst-quenching. It's also said to help with indigestion, suppress coughing, and even relieve hangovers

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