Oly-Cultures Company started in order to provide people with the information and starter kits to make their own fermented products at home. 


Oly-Cultures Company started in order to provide people with the information and starter kits to make their own fermented products at home. 



owner/Operator, oly-cultures

Hi, there! I am Lorin, I live in Olympia, Washington and I have lived in the beautiful PNW for most of my life. I am married, a mother of two, a sweet lil’ fur babe (golden-lab), owner of Oly-Cultures, food lover, recipe developer, creator social worker and educator. I have always been curious about food, complete wellness (mind, body, soul), and sustainability. This curiosity has ignited a furious passion that I really love to share. My upbringing, my family, and living in the Pacific Northwest, has had the greatest influence on the way I live, play, cook, and eat. 


I believe that we are all our own best teachers and what might work for one person, may not work for another. I have found that when I am curious and explore what works for me, I have a general improved state of well being. I encourage research, asking questions, and sharing ideas that can potentially benefit us all. Wild fermenting, lacto-fermenting and culturing foods at home is beneficial for your body, your mind, microbiome, your wallet, and the soul (I get JOY every time I create something with my hands). I am tired of being bombarded with conflicting information from all over the world about what foods to eat and what is 'bad' for us. I believe in balance and the simplicity of eating. The history of cultured foods is long and rich. I believe that continuing these traditions, sharing nourishment, and inspiring others to live a wasteless life, will benefit us now, our future generations and our Mother Earth. 

This website will provide a space for you to purchase cultures to grow and enjoy at home, recipes for fermented foods made easy, tips, and ideas for living your best life. My goal is to empower a hands on approach to your unique life and to leave this site, feeling bright and inspired. 


Lue (what my mama called me)  

AKA Lorin



Founder, oly-cultures

Julie Kamin-Martin is a Washington State native, mother of three, entrepreneur and healthy food enthusiast. Since her youth Julie has been deeply connected to the PNW through relationships with it’s people, forests, and rivers. She has a strong sense of place and frequently incorporates her knowledge of local foraged foods into her recipes and teaching classes.


In 2014, as an accumulation of her passion for preparing and sharing healthy recipes she started the local fermentation company, Oly-Cultures. This company was largely an extension of the work she had been doing in her community for several years. It allowed her to brand her fermentation products and reach a larger network of people. In 2018 she made the decision to pass the Oly-Cultures wand to another similar minded healthy and community driven entrepreneur, Lorin Griffitts. Now that Oly-Cultures continues to grow and flourish in the capable hands of “Lou” Lorin Griffitts, Julie plans on living a more relaxed, semi-retired lifestyle traveling back and forth from Washington and the beautiful Mexican State of Jaliso, Ajijic.


Julie will continue to share her knowledge and passion in both states by offering cooking and foraging classes. Additionally, with her freed up time, she plans on enjoying her three grandchildren, hiking new trails, and kayaking new places. To stay updated on her journey and upcoming classes check out her facebook page. Click icon below:

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